What Should You Ask Your Audiologist About Hearing Aids?

hearing aid on display stand

Hearing aids are incredibly powerful tools that have the potential to change the lives of those who use them. Many people around the world benefit from tools like this, with their audiologist helping them to choose the best fit for them. Of course, though, it pays to know what to ask your audiologist when you’re getting hearing aids for yourself.

What types of hearing aids are available?

There are a lot of different types of hearing aids on the market, from those that sit in your ear to those that are behind the ear. Each of the styles you find will offer different features and benefits, and some will only be suitable for specific types of hearing loss. This makes it important that you ask your audiologist about the different hearing aid styles you have available for your hearing loss.

Do hearing aids require maintenance?

Like any electronic device, hearing aids will usually require some level of maintenance during their lifecycle. In some cases, this will be as simple as replacing batteries and having your hearing aid cleaned, while it can be more complicated with certain devices. It’s always worth making sure that you know the level of maintenance required to keep your hearing aid working properly.

How can I control my hearing aid?

Most hearing aids come with controls that make it possible to use things like induction loops, and some will even have features like Bluetooth. Your audiologist can help you to understand the controls on your hearing aid, making it much easier to make full use of them. This is getting more important as hearing aids becoming increasingly complicated.

How can I get my hearing aid repaired?

Hearing aids are delicate devices with a lot of complex electronics inside. This makes it relatively easy to cause damage to your hearing aid without realizing it and you need to know how to get repairs done when you need them. Most audiologists can help you with this process, providing you with the help you need to get your hearing aid fixed when you really need it.

Can I do anything to help my hearing aid?

Hearing loss is often caused by lifestyle choices, with many people finding that their hearing degrades over time. This means that you can often do work alongside your hearing aid to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to improve your hearing. Your audiologist will be able to give you the advice to help with this, making it much easier to work towards assisting your hearing aid.

As you can see, there are a lot of important questions to ask your audiologist when you are getting a hearing aid. Tools like this can drastically improve your lifestyle, but you need to make sure that you are using them correctly to get the most of them. 

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