audiologist fitting hearing aids to patient

Can Hearing Aids Be Reused?

For anyone experiencing hearing loss, one of the most common treatments and solutions available is, of course, a hearing aid. In many respects, hearing aids is one of the greatest medical inventions there have been and it’s something that you are certainly going to want to make use of if you happen to have hearing […]

woman holding hearing aid devices

Rechargeable Hearing Aids, Do They Really Work?

The estimated 28.8-million American adults who could benefit from using hearing aids are pretty much spoilt for choice when selecting what type of hearing aid to use. Modern-day hearing aids come with different features, and some are even rechargeable. Due to the design of rechargeable hearing aids, you are not likely to worry about losing […]

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

4 Steps to a Successful Hearing Aid Evaluation

Hearing tests are important to ensure your hearing is in good condition. If your audiologist detects hearing loss during one of your hearing tests, they suggest you be fitted for a hearing aid. However, you must get one that suits your specific hearing needs and offers an effective solution. To do so, you must first […]

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Can A Hearing Aid Restore Hearing Completely?

The straightforward answer to this question is no. No hearing aid can restore your hearing completely. This device does exactly as its name implies, which is, they act as technological aid to improve your quality of life. Statistics indicate that about 28.8 million people in the US require hearing aids, but few use these devices. […]

nurse holding a hearing aid

Who Invented the Hearing Aid?

The hearing aid is a wonderful piece of technology, improving the hearing of millions living with hearing loss. The National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders estimates that almost 29 million Americans could benefit from using a hearing aid.  Today, hearing aids are virtually undetectable and are built using the very latest developments in […]

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What Should You Ask Your Audiologist About Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are incredibly powerful tools that have the potential to change the lives of those who use them. Many people around the world benefit from tools like this, with their audiologist helping them to choose the best fit for them. Of course, though, it pays to know what to ask your audiologist when you’re […]

a man inserting a hearing aid into his ear

Spring Cleaning: How to Properly Care for Your Hearing Aids

Happy first day of spring! The renewing feeling of this season encourages most of us to clean out our homes. But cleaning isn’t only for transforming our cluttered spaces or getting rid of old clothes. It can also be a very good time to give extra care to your hearing aids. These hearing devices are […]