It’s World Hearing Day!

a man with facial hair is holding his phone and listening to music

Today, we’re celebrating World Hearing Day. Every year, on March 3rd, the World Health Organization (WHO) aims to spread awareness about the importance of hearing health across the globe.

This year’s theme is “Check your hearing!” And here at Kirsch Audiology, we can’t say enough about giving your ears lots of love by incorporating a hearing wellness check into your annual doctor visits.

Hearing is one of the ways we connect with people. It gives us the power to engage and it also builds relationships. It is in many ways a vital link to the world around us.

According to the World Health Organization, about 360 million people live with hearing loss. The number exponentially rises to over a billion, when we put a spotlight on teenagers and young adults who are at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe exposure to loud sounds.

Hearing loss can occur any time and it doesn’t discriminate. But the good news is, everyone can do their part by checking their hearing regularly. Early detection is important to identify any medical attention that’s needed, or it can be as simple as changing unsafe listening habits.

This month, we’ll continue to give you some tips on how improve your overall wellness by caring for your ears. In the meantime, doctors Lyn and Stephen encourages you to be proactive and check your hearing wellness ever year.

We hope to see you at Kirsch Audiology very soon!