Recognizing Hearing Loss Amongst Our Loved Ones

Recognizing Hearing Loss Amongst Our Loved Ones

The holidays are a great time to be around family and friends. We all gather together to celebrate love and create more memories. With the many parties that await us, some of us will have interactions with loved ones who we will suspect is suffering from hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be debilitating and can equally take a toll on relationships. Feelings of frustration and social isolation can easily arise from the difficulty of connecting with our family members. This condition happens over time, which means it can be difficult to detect. And often, people will only become aware after it’s been brought to their attention.

Like any medical condition, early detection is key. However, asking someone to get a hearing test can be tough discussion. We put together 5 signs that can help you recognize if someone has hearing loss.

  1. They have trouble hearing in noisy spaces. It is fairly common for people with hearing loss to have problems blocking out background noise. It is a lot more difficult for them to hear you when everybody is talking all at once. Environments like restaurants, the market or a coffee shop can be challenging and make them feel stressed and uncomfortable.
  2. They complain about others mumbling. Voices become hard to hear and understand when someone’s hearing starts to deteriorate. This can lead to misunderstandings due to words being misconstrued in a conversation.
  3. The TV volume is too loud. This situation is probably the most familiar to everyone. We’ve witnessed our grandparents do this at their homes. However most recently, here at Kirsch Audiology, we’ve seen younger patients who have some degree of hearing loss due to continued exposure to loud music.
  4. You hear the word “what” a lot more. When our loved ones ask us to repeat what we’ve said several times during the day, it could indicate they are not processing sounds properly.
  5. They disconnect from the group. Feelings of loneliness is normal when someone has hearing loss. You might notice them distancing themselves from the rest in a social setting to avoid having to engage in talks with others.

If you’re home for the holidays and you notice a family member is showing signs of hearing loss, it is important to remind him/her that they are not alone and help is available. 95% of hearing loss can be improved by hearing aids.

We’d love to help everyone live a happier and healthier life by improving their hearing health. Come visit us at Kirsch Audiology and we’ll make sure to find the best solution for you and your loved ones.

Where is everyone heading for the holidays? Leave us a comment below and share with us your favorite family traditions. Have a beautiful holiday season and a healthy, prosperous year ahead!