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Doctor of Audiology, Stephen Kirsch

Stephen Kirsch, AuD

(commonly misspelled as Steve Kirsh)

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What Our Clients Say

Yelp-5-Stars I had been using a well regarded, leading brand of hearing aids (Widex) but had a great difficulty of hearing on my iPhone and didn't want to talk on the phone. A friend recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Kirsch in June of 2013. I was so impressed with the improved clarity of hearing shown me by Kirsch Audiology with Oticon instruments that I had ordered a pair of Oticon wireless hearing instruments on the spot, and have never regretted the decision. Thank you for all you do!

Bruce Lavacheck
Playa del Rey

Yelp-5-Stars I've been going to Stephen for the past 8 years and have been overwhelmingly happy with his service and professionalism. He is honest and incredibly patient. I have a significant hearing loss (have lost 70% of my hearing) and so have a hard time hearing in challenging situations like noisy bars or restaurants. Stephen was committed to making sure I was able to hear successfully and patiently programmed and re-programmed my hearing aids until they were perfect. He really is the best.

Brian T.
West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Yelp-5-Stars It would be hard to find an audiologist as competent, caring and professional as Stephen Kirsch.  It's always a pleasure to see him, and he gives you his full attention when you are there.  I have tiny ear canals that are difficult to fit with aids, and Stephen has done an outstanding job of finding the right aids at the right price. In addition to all that, he is extremely patient and kind.  They just don't come any better!

Sue M.
Santa Monica, CA

Yelp-5-Stars Last year, I encountered a rather dramatic and severe hearing loss.  I had gone to the top ENT clinic in Los Angeles and after eardrum surgery, left with a hearing loss that required that I obtain hearing aids.  I had gone to three separate hearing aid providers, all very expensive, with mixed results.  Finally, I found myself at Kirsch Audiology.  Dr. Stephen Kirsch was very competent and understanding of my particular problem and ultimately was able to fit me with the appropriate device.  Over the course of many months, I returned numerous times for adjustments and repairs.

Daniel B.
Venice, CA

Yelp-5-Stars This is the first time I've needed a hearing aid, and I went to see Dr. Kirsch based on the outstanding reviews here. I'm glad to say the praise is not exaggerated. What I loved about Dr. Stephen Kirsch was his patience and deep experience. He helped me to understand the subtle differences between different brands, models, and types of hearing aids. He never pushed anything on me, but struck exactly the right note of gentle guidance, allowing me to try various devices, take them home and live with them awhile, until I came to a decision. I'm very happy with the device I eventually chose, and with the professional service I received.

Wyane L.
Los Angeles, CA

Yelp-5-Stars I went to Stephen to discover solutions that would help me deal with this noisy world. I'm hyper-sensitive to noise. Stephen gave me his recommendations and instructions for night-time earplugs that are safe and comfortable for me. He also fitted me for custom in-ear "monitors" so I can enjoy music or use white noise to both attenuate and mask obnoxious sounds -- the fit is amazing and so is the audio quality. And my discussion with Stephen about the psychological aspects of hearing has encouraged me to think differently about the sounds that may have once annoyed me.

Jane M.
San Francisco, CA

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